Assure Risk Management

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“Nick is a consummate professional and incredibly easy to do business with. He brings a professionalism to everything he is involved with and de-mystifies the complex and challenging world of asbestos.”

Shaun Davis – Group Director of Safety, Health, Well-Being & Sustainability – Royal Mail Group

“Nick Garland has helped McGees asbestos to develop since 2006. He is an expert in both construction H&S and asbestos. Unlike some H&S consultancies he does not impose an off-the-peg solution, but provides a highly bespoke service that gives us the confidence to develop our own policies and procedures.

Above all we trust him to give the right advice, in a practical way that makes running the business easier.

This trust runs through all of our dealings with him as he acts with perfect discretion in all situations.”

Paul O’Shea – Operations Manager, McGees

“Assure helped design and implement our asbestos awareness e-learing course, which has proven to be a huge success. They were able to pitch the complex subject of asbestos in such way as to get the message across, tailored exactly to our needs.

The Assure team included Nick Garland as the subject expert, a film crew and a broadcast quality production team.

The end product is highly professional and provides a quality learning experience.”

Ron Symonds – Royal Mail, Head of Safety and Assurance, Royal Mail Group Property

“Nick Garland has worked with Asbestech since 2007 and has provided an extremely flexible and responsive service since day one. Not only is his understanding of construction H&S extremely detailed he is a genuine expert in asbestos and understands our industry completely.

We have found him to be an invaluable member of the team, overcoming seemingly complex H&S issues with very practical cost effective solutions.”

Dan Chalkley – Managing Director, Asbestech Ltd

“Nick Garland’s deep knowledge, professionalism, pragmatic and independently-minded approach to the management of asbestos in buildings has been of great value to us. His ongoing input on management systems , processes and training packages supports our strategy to be the industry leader on all matters relating to the health,safety and well-being of all our staff, contractors and the public who use our facilities.”

Laurie Burn – Director, Group Facilities Management – Royal Mail Group

“Nick Garland assisted ourselves and our client in connection with a claim alleging that a job had been undertaken in a negligent manner, some years earlier. It was clear from the outset that the case would turn upon the expert evidence of the respective parties. Mr Garland was an integral part of the legal team from a very early stage, enabling us to form a comprehensive strategy at the outset.

Nick was quick to grasp the legal issues in the case and had no difficulty at all in providing technical guidance which was focused on those issues. He made himself available for site visits and meetings, often at short notice and impressed us greatly with his careful and thoughtful approach.

When the time came for Nick to give evidence at trial, he gave very powerful and authoritative evidence, which clearly resonated with the Judge. There is no doubt that Nick played an important part in successfully defending what could have been a very damaging claim for the client. This was achieved through Nick’s ability to work as an integral part of the legal team providing technical input as and when it was required in a confident and perceptive way.”

Bruce Hailey – Salvus Law